Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29th

Thank you so much for everyone who remembered my birthday and gave me some wishes :*

I received many wishes from my friends on short message, BBM, twitter, facebook. How kind and so sweet you are ♥

Thanks for Prasasya Kirana, she make a birthday call for me. And she make a special post for me on her blog.

Thanks for Bimo Prakoso Kautsar, he sent me a voice notes... Mmm no no. Actually, it's his version of 'if you're not the one - daniel bedingfield' how cutee!! (we're just friend, guys)

Thanks for Nadhira Prisari, aaaa she remembered my birthday, miss yo so much sister :') she's the first who said happy birthday to me on BBM. And Restiana Ramdani, she sent me 29 PING on BBM !!!! Honestly, I'm not surprised because I'm still woke up, you failed :P

And also thanksss for everyone!
I'm sorry if I can't reply all of your post and mention. But, may God repay you for your kindness.

Glad to know that I'm already 16 years live in this mother earth.
The last but not least, my mother my mother my mother my father my brother :*
Without them, I'm nothing ♥♥

Hug and kiss from here ☺