Thursday, May 6, 2010


In these day, I don't know what's going on with me.
My night are full of dream about the same 'actor'.
But honestly, I'm never want that 'actor' play in my dreams, for now.

I can't lie if I'm thinking about that 'actor' sometimes in my life. Just because I found his post in my facebook homepage. And after that, I absolutely looking for his profile. I'm hate it when I do that. Really hate it.

But I can't stop it. So many times I try to not do that. And it works! But it's fail now.. I don't know why.

And when I found some words on his profile facebook, I realize if everything is different now. Very different and of course, I know it. But I still ... uh I still can't believe it (sometimes).
He said if the bright future is forget the past. Huh? Are you sure? Maybe he's true. But I think the perfect one is "the bright future is learn from the past".
So what do you think?

Fira fira fira..
Don't think about that things again and again. It will make you down down and down..
The future are in front of your eye. Please run away and let the past go. The past just become the memory in your life and the valuable lessons for step.

Oh dear God..
I'm dreaming of my future that I can be a good designer interior, I can be a nice woman photographer, I have a happily-ever-after family. With the 'most-perfect' husband. And the funniest kids. Amin amin amin.

Please something or some-what-ever..
Stay away from me. Don't bother my life and my dreams again.
I'm so-so-so tired of this game.
There isn't a reason to think of that what-ever things.

I must go on to continue my life. Run and run to reach my dreams.

I believe in God so I never alone.
Ya Allah.. I'm too afraid for being alone. Please stay in my side.

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