Saturday, May 22, 2010


Okay, today I wanna talk about Trending Topics in Twitter from Indonesia.

Hey do you know what Trending Topics is?
For who active in Twitter, I think they should know. Hahaha.

Trending Topics (TT) are about something that a lot of people talk about it. TT is located in right side of Twitter. Usually, the current trend is 10 topics.

For who doesn't know, the side with orange color, naa... That is what called "Trending Topics"

And now, I wanna talk some Trending Topics from Indonesia. Pretty cool. Hahaha. But, TT from Indonesia, is quickly becoming TT and too quickly not becoming TT again. Not like Justin Bieber, who became Trending Topics for a few month, and he's on the first. What a trend!
Actually, I really bored Justin Bieber in TT for a long time hahaha. I'm sorry for all his fans *peace*

Sometimes ago, when I'm in midnight, there's 3 Trending Topics from Indonesia at the same time. Woww. There is Harmoni SCTV, Rianto, and Dunia Lain. lol. Well, I'm not shocked when Harmoni SCTV became a trend, because my timeline are full of people who talked about it, included me. Hahaa.
That show are perfect!! Andi Rianto was success, the arrangements are so great! I really love the opening, which is Vidi Aldiano really really wonderful (I'm his fans, but not fanatic) and when Sherina Munaf was perform, I love it too. She's so pretty and her voice is nice :) (I'm her fans from I was child haha)

I'm not shocked too when Dunia Lain became a trend. Because, my timeline are full with people talk about it too, and once more again, included me :P
Hahaha. Although the participant of that show are very funny, I'm still scared when I watch it hahaha. Okay, I know I'm an afraid person.

And I search that Trending Topics in WhatTheTrend. Check this printscreen, for an enlarge picture, please click it.

Okay. Next.....
I remembered, when Vidi Aldiano in OVJ (Opera Van Java), Vidi tweet if he is in OVJ now. And his fans re-tweeted that tweet, again and again included me lol. Everyone know if Vidi fans which called "VIDIES" are many in Indonesia or in foreign.

Still about Vidi Aldiano again, his fans are success made a Trending Topics for Vidi on his birthday. Great Job. Hahaa.

Still remember about Thomas Uber Cup?
Hahaha Indonesia are success made "Wasit Goblok" became a trend. lol. Honestly, I'm not watch that cup, so I don't understand about it. But, of course I vote for Indonesia! Hahaha.

And this Trending Topics are make me so laughing on the floor HAHAHAHA. This is so funny when this topic became a TT. This is because On The Spot Trans 7 talked about ALAY means and its characteristics. OMG, that's so not important, I think hahaha.
When I search this trend in WhatTheTrend, I laughed. Look this website define what alay is.

Tadaaaaaaaaaa and this is the Trending Topics which stand for a few months.

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